Stuck at home? Time to change up your beauty routine

April 16, 2020

Level up your beauty routines at home - Micora Blog

Now where has 2020 gone to? This year, we show we care for our loved ones by staying apart and the words on everyone’s lips are: “social distancing”. Whilst we adjust to the new norm of working and staying home and watching way more Netflix than we used to, let us share with you some beauty tips you can incorporate into your new daily routine.

Bin the old to allow in the new

Skincare shelf -Micora Blog

Now how many of us are guilty of hoarding skincare and cosmetics (especially free samples) which gets chucked in a drawer for months (maybe years!)? One of the most satisfying feelings about spring cleaning is discovering an expired toner or lipstick and telling yourself that it has served you well but it’s now time to go – make space for new products you will actually use! Let us remember to be conscious when shopping and only buy a new product once you’ve finished using the older one 😉.

Get the gunk off your brushes

makeup brushes - Micora blog

Our makeup brushes, tools and sponges work hard for us on a daily basis and they pick up dirt, gunk and products each time. This means that they should be washed frequently too. Dermatologists recommend that you wash your makeup brushes once a week or at least twice a month. If they remain unwashed for weeks and months, you will just be contaminating your freshly cleaned skin every time you use your makeup brushes. Don’t waste all that effort getting flawless skin just because you forgot to clean your brushes!



We all love a relaxing manicure/pedicure session done by professionals but who says you have to live in with plain jane nails throughout this stay-at-home period? Whip out your nail polishes and jazz up your nails with some colours and feel good saving up on expensive manicure sessions. If you feel more adventurous, try press on nails, embellishments and stones to spruce things up.

Mask away your worries

animal sheet mask - Micora Blog

If you’ve ever dreamed of putting on a mask while toiling away at work, now’s the best time to do so (except when you have video calls of course!). K-Pop stars like (G)I-DLE have been advocates of the ‘one day, one pack’ method, and sheet masking on a daily basis for dewy, clear skin. If you are feeling adventurous try a DIY mask recipe. (e.g , alternatively, you can find plenty of recipes online). A mask a day keeps the derm away!

Clean gut for clearer skin

low GI food - Micora Blog

Since you have more control over your diet now that you’re cooking in more and experimenting with different recipes, why not take this chance to eat clean and improve your gut health. A good gut is key to fighting infection and quelling inflammation and protects your vital organs. Other than that, a good gut is also the secret to a healthy and clear complexion. Switch up your diet to a low glycemic index (GI) diet, in layman terms, food with lower sugar/glucose levels and see the wonders it does for your skin!

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