Our Story

Our Mission

We are both an education platform and brand curator for healthier, non-toxic products with the simple goal of raising consumer awareness about ingredients and the potential effects to your health.

Our Inspiration

The idea for this platform started when CK realized that his wife had sensitive skin and had to be selective with what the ingredients of products she uses on her skin. Bearing that in mind, CK (who did not even know what a toner was) started immersing himself in the world of natural and organic skincare and researched about harmful ingredients contained in products. He then formulated a list of ingredients to be avoided when purchasing cosmetics and skincare for his wife.

Having done this for a few years, he soon came to realise how fragmented the natural and organic cosmetics market was and how little people knew about the ingredients and its effects on their bodies. He brought this up to Vin one day over coffee and together, they decided to build a platform to educate people on clean beauty and curate cleaner yet effective alternatives for skincare and cosmetic products.

We are excited to share our journey with you!