Ultimate Face Lift Set (Jade Roller + Gua Sha)

Double the trouble!

For the ultimate facial experience, the Ultimate Face Lift Set features the dual ended face roller which helps energize and de-puff the skin and the gua sha tool to lift and contour the face. Working to enhance beauty rituals, the duo help the absorption of serums while improving blood circulation, reducing puffiness and inflammation, relieving facial tension and promoting lymphatic drainage.

For best use, try using the jade roller or gua sha tool to massage your facial oil (you can also mix few drops of facial oil with your moisturiser for a less oilier effect) or leftover serum from your sheet mask to increase absorption into your skin.

Choose your options from our 4 best-selling gua sha tools below: Rose Quartz, Green Venturine, White Jade or Blue Sodalite to pair with your Rose Quartz Jade Roller set.

Each set includes:

  • Rose Quartz Jade Roller
  • Best-Selling Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool (Pick your colour)

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